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Mid Missouri Alpacas
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OPEN through Sunday, October 28.

At present, we should have plenty of apples through Sunday, October 28.

Please refer to our Contact Us page for regular hours of business and the Events page for apples currently ready to u-pick.


Apples from our orchard are available both as U–Pick and bagged. During the picking season, bagged apples are available at our Farm Store and at the farmers' market we attend. See the "Contact Us" page for directions to our farm and the "Events" page for information about the location of the farmers' market.

We welcome families to "U-Pick." Bring your children, camera and a blanket. Our trees are dwarf, and almost all of the apples are easy to reach.

WILLIAM'S PRIDE — Juicy, crisp, and firm, this apple resembles a Jonathan in taste and it mellows out to sweet as it continues to ripen. Store in the refrigerator to maintain the Jonathan flavor. It is considered an all-purpose apple. It is excellent for juicing, pies, fresh eating and it makes a pretty pink apple sauce when cooked with the skins on.

GALAS — The Gala apple is a long-term keeper and has surpassed the red delicious that once held the number one spot for so many years. Galas are crisp, sweet, and juicy, and are an excellent all-purpose apple. If you intend to use Galas during the winter months, it is best to pick them within the first 2 weeks that they are ready and keep them refrigerated.

JONAMAC and EMPIRE — These apples are both slightly tart. They are similar to the Jonathan and can be used for fresh eating or for baking.

ULTRA EARLI — our early Fuji type apple, sweet, juicy, slightly spicy and crisp, similar to a HoneyCrisp.

MUTSI — a large, coarse-grained apple similar to an Ultra Gold.

SUPERIOR RED DELICIOUS — a large, sweet and juicy apple. Excellent for fresh eating, salads, and even makes very good pies. I like to use these apples for dehydrated apple slices as they are so big. The Superior Red Delicious is NOT like the Washington Red Delicious that is shipped to the Midwest.

ULTRA GOLD — apples that are similar to the Golden Delicious, but keep much better. They are crisp, juicy and sweet.

ENTERPRISE — this apple is a 6-month keeper (in the refrigerator, not the basement or the garage). It is crisp and tart. The tartness later sweetens in storage. DISEASE FREE. These apples should be available in Mid September.

ROME — An excellent baking and sauce apple. Recommended for pies and apple butter. It is an excellent eating apple when very fresh. the Rome will mellow in storage.

YORK — You can tell an old-fashioned York by its lopsided appearance. A slightly tart, crisp apple that is excellent for pies, sauces and just fresh eating. The flesh of the York is yellow. Many "Old Timers" say this apple isn't ready to eat until after Thanksgiving. They like to pick them early and let them mellow. This apple keeps fairly well. This apple makes a fantastic pie.

FUJI — This apple is an excellent winter keeper. It is crisp, spicy and juicy.

GRANNY SMITH — This is an excellent keeping apple and is the last apple of the season. It is very firm, tart and crisp. It makes wonderful pies. The Granny Smith will mellow in long-term storage. It is a must for those that like a good, tart apple. They can be stored for eight to nine months at 32° Fahrenheit with little change in quality.

JONALICIOUS — This is an excellent snacking apple. It is just a little tart and a little sweet all in the same bite.

JONATHAN — Here is an excellent apple for apple butter and saucing. It has a tartness that tends to mellow out in storage.

RED FREE and CORTLAND — The Red Free is a sweet, early apple ready about the same time the Galas are ready. The Cortland is an excellent pie apple and a dessert apple, too, as the slices don't brown as fast as the other apples.



Updated October 22, 2017