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As of October 31, my farm, orchard and all remaining alpacas have been sold.

Female Alpacas

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Ada's Eveningstar – SOLD

Asking Price:

Eveningstar Left Side Dec 2006

Ada's Eveningstar's 2017 Clip

DOB: 4 June 2005
Color: White with some beige
Sire: 6Peruvian The Saint 5009 IMPR98 (ARI 808064)
Dam: 436 Peruvian Ada (ARI 837483)
ARI: 20019303

Eveningstar is 100% Peruvian with a well defined fine, soft crimp that is distributed evenly throughout her blanket. Eveningstar is a laid-back female, very gentle and a good mother. Eveningstar placed 5th out of 12 juveniles at the 2007 TxOLAN Spectacular.

Eveningstar is a big fiber producer, producing nearly 5 lbs. at her last shearing.

At present Eveningstar is pregnant and is due in June 2018.

Bessie of Essence BMMA – SOLD

Asking Price:

Bessie of Essence BMMA

Bessie of Essence BMMA 2017 Clip

DOB: 28 Oct 2011
Color: Medium Silver Gray
Sire: Allegro BMMA (ARI 1028676)
Dam: Essence of Color D958 AOA (ARI 1137224)
ARI: 32774764

Bessie's heritage is 50% Peruvian, 25% Chilean and 25% Bolivian.

Bessie is a beautiful medium silver gray with the traditional tuxedo markings. Her fiber has a fine, uniform crimp throughout her entire blanket. Bessie is a calm, gentle female that is easy to handle. She sheared 2.61 lbs. of blanket fiber and seconds in April 2014. I do not weigh the scrap fiber.

BMMA Artith – SOLD

Asking Price:

BMMA Artith

BMMA Artith 2017 Clip

DOB: 2 Aug 2009
Color: Light Fawn
Sire: Artful Investment M0515 AOA (ARI 10000603)
Dam: Night Skye of Peru D1076 AOA (ARI 1326475)
ARI: 31623407

Artith is a maiden and has been bred to MFI Ohrighty, our silver gray herdsire, for a Spring 2017 birth.. Artith's sire is also a silver gray, so I would say they have a 50/50 chance of making a silver gray cria.

Artith is very easy to handle.

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BMMA Charmin So Soft – SOLD

Asking Price:

BMMA Charmin So Soft March 2009

BMMA Charmin So Soft 2017 Clip

DOB: 12 September 2008
Color: White
Sire: WA Bayfield (ARI 838463)
Dam: FO Accoyo Catalina's Magdelena (ARI 838160)
ARI: 31381550

BMMA Charmin So Soft has ultra soft fiber with bundles of crimp distributed evenly throughout her entire blanket. She has inherited Accoyo bloodlines from both of her parents and has an impressive background with PPPeruvian Grand Master PPeruvian Timoteo on the sire's side and Alianza Peruvian Choco on the dam's side. Charmin So Soft came in 7th of 14 in the white Juvenile division at the MOPACA Invitational in March 2009.

Charmin So Soft is open for breeding. She has been a caring mother and had a very easy time birthing. Her fleece is ultra soft and thick. Her last shearing was nearly 5 lbs.

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BMMA Peruvian Halley Luja – SOLD

Asking Price:

BMMA Peruvian Halley Luja May 2014

BMMA Peruvian Halley Luja 2017 Clip

DOB: 19 June 2011
Color: White
Sire: Allegro BMMA (ARI 1028676)
Dam: BMMA Charmin So Soft (ARI 31381550)
ARI: 32179996

BMMA Peruvian Halley Luja is full Peruvian.

BMMA Seinna The Special – SOLD

Asking Price:

BMMA Seinna The Special 2015

BMMA Seinna The Special 2017 Clip

DOB: 20 September 2008
Color: Dark Brown
Sire: Artful Investment M0515 AOA (ARI 1000603)
Dam: Essence of Color (ARI 1137224)
ARI: 31381444

Seinna is so special because she has a background of medium and light silver grays from both her parents and grandparents. On the inside, her fiber appears to be a lustrous, dark chocolate brown with soft, fine crimp. Her dam is a silver gray multi-ribbon winner, and her sire is a medium silver gray multi-ribbon winner.

Seinna is a very gentle female who loves to have her neck and back rubbed.

Seinna is pregnant and is due in June 2018.

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FO Accoyo Catalina's Magdelena – SOLD

Asking Price:

FO Accoyo Catalina's Magdelena 2016

FO Accoyo Catalina's Magdelena 2017 Clip

DOB: 12 June 2002
Color: White with a Brown spot in between her shoulders
Sire: Alianza Peruvian Choco (ARI 168510)
Dam: 4 Peruvian Catalina 6515 (ARI 166627)
ARI: 838160

Maggie's sire is dark rose grey and her dam is white.

Maggie is an older alpaca, full Peruvian, half Accoyo Huacaya. She has good conformation. She has been an excellent mother, producing white and fawn cria. Her fiber is fairly dense which has a fine crimp. For an older alpaca, her micron count is 27 which is considered medium. In her picture she has been rolling in leaves and has dirt on the side of her face and neck. The brown spot on her shoulders is not visible in this picture as it is just a couple of inches long and about an inch wide.

Maggie is pregnant and is due in June 2018.

Krinkles BMMA – SOLD

Asking Price:


Krinkles' 2017 Clip

DOB: 14 September 2004
Color: Medium Brown
Sire: Cimarron (ARI 818854)
Dam: Princess Serena (ARI 819788)
ARI: 1028713

Krinkles has a broad nose which she consistently passes down to her offspring. The broad nose has a very appealing look. Her sire is Cimarron, a medium brown, who has thick, bold, crimpy fiber.

Krinkles placed first in the Juvenile Halter Division at the IAOBA Show in Peoria, IL in May 2005, and she placed second in the Yearling Halter Division of the Mid American Alpaca Show in November 2005. She is a beauty, with correct conformation, a soft handle and a good disposition.

Krinkles sheared just under 5 lbs. at her last shearing.

Krinkles is pregnant and is due in June 2018.

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My Girl Goldilocks BMMA – SOLD

Asking Price:

BMMA My Girl Goldilocks October 2015

BMMA My Girl Goldilocks BMMA 2017 Clip

DOB: 26 May 2007
Color: Light Fawn
Sire: WA Bayfield (ARI 838463)
Dam: Lanark's Indochine (ARI 810827)
ARI: 30880801

My Girl Goldilocks placed 3rd in the Juvenile Halter Division at IAOBA Riverside Alpaca Fest and 6th at the MOPACA Invitational in 2008.

Goldilocks is still producing very nice blanket fiber (see photo of 2016 clip). She sheared 5 lbs. of fiber at her last shearing in April 2015, with a micron count of 22..

She is an excellent, caring mother and is open and ready to rebreed to one of our herdsires of the buyer's choice.

Night Skye Of Peru D1076 AOA – SOLD

Asking Price:

Ms Debutant 2015

Night Skye Of Peru D1076 AOA 2017 Clip

DOB: 22 May 2005
Color: Bay Black
Sire: Majestado De Peru S258
Dam: Batallas 8802IMPZ98
ARI: 1326475

Night Skye has been an exceptional mother. She has given birth to four females (black, dark brown, fawn and one dark rose grey) and one male (black). Night Skye's sire is medium fawn and her dam is medium silver grey.

She gives off regal vibes with her statuesque look and perfect confirmation. Her fiber is super fine with a moderate crimp.

She was bred in the fall of 2016 to our young, true black herdsire, You Are So Special (aka YASS). He has fabulous crimp to his fiber. She may be pregnant as she had a spit off after several breedings.

Snowflake BMMA – SOLD

Asking Price:

Snowflake Front View

Snowflake BMMA 2017 Clip
DOB: 15 November 2003
Color: White
Sire: C Peruvian LB Remington 0250
Dam: 7021 Peruvian Daytona (ARI 827472)
ARI: 1003581

Snowflake has always been one of my special gals. She is a multi-ribbon winner, having been in the show ring several years in a row. Her special look always captures everyone's attention. She is a "Pin Up Girl" as she has had her picture taken for several magazines.

Her sire, Remington, is a nationally known dark fawn herdsire that is a multi champion winner. She still has very nice fiber, long and crimpy.

She sheared 4.5  lbs. at her last shearing.

Snowflake's Snowball BMMA – SOLD

Asking Price:

Snowball Side View

Snowball's 2017 Clip
DOB: 26 May 2007
Color: White
Sire: WA Bayfield ARI 838463
Dam: Snowflake BMMA ARI 1003581
ARI: 30880900

Snowflake's Snowball is a regal-looking female. She holds her head high, showing off her excellent conformation. Snowball is pregnant and is due in June 2018.

She sheared 5.25 lbs. at her last shearing.

BMMA Cuddly Wuddly – SOLD

BMMA Cuddly Wuddly MOPACA March 2009

BMMA Cuddly Wuddly 2016 Clip

DOB: 20 May 2008
Color: Light Fawn
Sire: Allegro BMMA (ARI 1028676)
Dam: Ada's Eveningstar (ARI 20019303)
ARI: 31381437

BMMA Cuddly Wuddly has tightly crimped fiber very similar to that of her sire, Allegro BMMA. Her fiber is dense, uniform, with high frequency crimp throughout her entire blanket, neck, tail and down her legs. She has that Alpaca "typie" head with the dark rimmed eyes.

She placed first in the Juvenile fawn division of the MOPACA Invitational in March 2009 in Kansas City. She then went on to win Reserve Grand Champion in her color category. She took 1st Place at the IAOBA Peoria, IL, show in 2009. She took 1st Place in the Halter Division at MOPACA 2010!

She sheared over 6 lbs. at her last shearing.

Cuddly has been a very good mother. I assume her birth was easy as she showed no signs of giving birth that morning, and at 2 p.m. we saw this little bundle in the maternity ward. Cuddly has been bred to one of our herdsires, W. A. Bayfield, for a Spring 2017 birth.

BMMA Felisha – SOLD

BMMA Felish

BMMA Felisha 2016 Clip

DOB: 24 September 2012
Color: Medium Fawn
Sire: BMMA Mighty Max (ARI 31734066)
Dam: Lanark's Indochine (ARI 810827)
ARI: 32573138

Felisha is a petite, full Peruvian Huacaya. She has excellent confirmation, fiber with a fine crimp and a micron count of 22 (super fine) at her April 2016 shearing.

BMMA Felisha is open for breeding this spring to one of our herdsires of the buyer's choice.

BMMA Formally Attired's Ms Debutant – SOLD

Ms Debutant 2015

DOB: 18 May 2008
Color: True Black
Sire: Formally Attired S841 AOA (ARI 845860)
Dam: Night Skye of Peru D1076 AOA (ARI 1326475)
ARI: 31381420

This young lady really stands out in a crowd. She has superior conformation, tremendous crimp and strong presence for a black-fibered alpaca. She would be an asset to one's breeding program.

Babs Manion, halter judge at the MOPACA Invitational in March 2009, said that Ms Debutant's fleece had a high luster and that her fiber micron count was uniform throughout her entire blanket. She placed 6th out of 14 Juvenile black females.

Ms Debutant is open for breeding to the sire of the buyer's choice. She has been a good mother, with plenty of milk. She also had an easy time birthing.

BMMA Night Skye's Jubilee – SOLD

BMMA Night Skye's Jubilee's Face

BMMA Night Skye's Jubilee 2015

BMMA Night Skye's Jubilee 2016 Clip

DOB: 23 June 2011
Color: Dark Silver Gray and White
Sire: MFI Peruvian Ohrighty (ARI 31036351)
Dam: Night Skye of Peru D1076 AOA (ARI 1326475)
ARI: 32179965

Night Skye's Jubilee is 100% Peruvian. She is a dark silver gray with white markings on her face and some light spots scattered here and there on her body. Her soft fiber has a well-defined crimp and is throughout the blanket area. She has an excellent disposition and was very calm when I sheared her in May 2014. She sheared 2.85 lbs. of blanket and seconds. I do not weigh the scrap fiber.

Her dam is black and the dam's sire is a Medium Silver Grey. Jubilee's sire is also a Medium Silver Grey.

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Updated October 16, 2017