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Raw Honey

Raw Honey — SOLD OUT

Our raw honey comes in the following sizes:

16 oz. and 2-lb. jars

Bowl of Granola

Sandy's Seven Grain Granola

16 oz. bag – $5.75

Ingredients: Seven grain rolled flakes, wheat cereal, organic sunflower seeds, slivered almonds, unsweetened coconut, carob chips, raisins, wheat germ, bran, raw xagave nectar, dried apples and canola oil.

Apple Butter

Low Sugar Content Apple or Peach Butter

8 oz. jar – $2.75

16 oz. jar – $5.00

Ingredients: Apples, raw cane sugar, Xylitol, spices and Stevia
Ingredients: Peaches, raw cane sugar, Xylitol, spices and Stevia

Stevia - a good replacement for sugar


Stevia is a NATURAL SWEET HERB that comes from a plant of the daisy family that grows in South America. It is approximately 300 times sweeter than sugar in that 1/4 teaspoon of stevia equals 1 cup of sugar. It has been used in South America for hundreds of years and is slowly becoming recognized in the United States as a sugar substitute far superior to the chemically processed AspartameŽ and SaccharinŽ. Stevia contains no calories and is used widely by diabetics.

In the 1960s, the Japanese government partially restricted the use of artificial sweeteners. Stevia was introduced in Japan in 1970 and by 1988 it represented 41 percent of the market share of potently sweet substances consumed in Japan. In addition to widespread use as a table-top sweetener, stevia is also used by the Japanese to sweeten a variety of food products including ice cream, bread, candies, pickles, seafood, vegetables and soft drinks. It is even added to chewing gum. Xylitol is also a NATURAL Sweetner. It is safe for diabetics, but has a few calories. It is used cup for cup as a sugar substitute.

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Dehydrated Peppers

Dehydrated Peppers

2 oz. jar – $3.75

Just before frost we harvest the last of our pesticide-free sweet pepper crop. The peppers are washed and diced and dehydrated. Would you believe that 4 cups of fresh, diced peppers will dehydrate down and will just fill the 2 oz. jar!

Dehydrated Apple Chips 4 oz.

Dehydrated Apple Chips

4 oz. bag – $3.00

Ingredients: Our sweet apples are soaked in orange juice before dehydrating. The orange juice keeps the apples from browning during dehydration. It also gives the chips a hint of orange flavoring with each delicious bite.

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Raw Honey (not available) Honey Comb (FALL only if available)
Low Sugar Content Apple Butter and Peach ButterLow Sugar Content Jellies and Jams
Organic Flax SeedOrganic Sunflower Seeds
Apple Roll-Ups (sugar-free) Brittany Natural Sea Salt (fine or coarse)
Peach Roll-Ups (sugar-free)Stevia Extract (a Natural Herb Sugar Substitute)
Sandy's Chewy Apple Bars (sugar-free) Garden Produce IN SEASON
Eleven-Bean Soup MixSeven-Grain Granola
Deodorant Stones Apple Chips OUT OF STOCK until August 1, 2014
Xylitol Tooth PasteHand-milled Soaps
Kale Sprinkle Me Dried Flowers
GourdsBooks about Good Health

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Updated August 11, 2015