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As of October 31, my farm, orchard and all remaining alpacas have been sold.

Male Alpacas

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Allegro BMMA (Proven Herdsire) – SOLD

Asking Price: $2,500.
(goes with the sale of the entire herd)

Breeding Fee $500.

Allegro Frontal View

Allegro Left Side

Allegro After Shearing

Allegro 2017 Clip

DOB: 18 June 2004
Color: Light Fawn
Sire: SA Adagio (ARI 801453)
Dam: Miss Jewell (ARI 833033)
ARI: 1028676

Allegro's sire, Adagio, is a multi-ribbon winner and his dam, Miss Jewell, placed 1st in 2002 as a juvenile at the National Small Farm Show and placed 2nd in 2004 as a 2-year-old in the halter division of the TxOLAN Spectacular and MOPACA Invitational.

Allegro placed 3rd in the 2005 Juvenile halter division of the TxOLAN Spectacular. It took the judge a long time to pick the top three alpacas, checking for crimp in various places along the body, tail and neck. The top knot was the final area for his decision. His comments were that these three boys could take a first in any show -- they just all happened to be together here. The first place winner went on to take the reserve in his color category.

In 2006 he placed 2nd in the yearling halter division with Alpacas in the Ozarks. His fleece has uniformity and frequency of crimp. His fiber is fairly dense.

Allegro has perfect conformation and bite, and nice crimpy fleece with a soft handle. He is very easy to lead and has a good temperament.

Breeding fee is $500. 25% Discount to past alpaca purchasers and on multiple breedings.

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BMMA Bru (Unproven Herdsire) – SOLD

Asking Price: $850.

BMMA Bru 2015

BMMA Bru's Clip 2017

DOB: 12 Oct 2012
Color: Dark Fawn
Sire: Cimarron (ARI 818854)
Dam: BMMA Brunetta (ARI 1028690)
ARI: 32573169

Bru has excellent conformation and dense, fine fiber with lots of crimp. He has the potential to become an excellent herdsire. His heritage is 75% Peruvian, 12.5% Bolivian and 12.5% Chilean.

BMMA Cimaflake (Unproven Herdsire) – SOLD

Asking Price: $1,500.

BMMA Cimaflake 2015

BMMA Cimaflake 2017 Clip

DOB: 28 Oct 2012
Color: Medium Brown
Sire: Cimarron (ARI 818854)
Dam: Snowflake BMMA (ARI 1003581)
ARI: 32573183

Cimaflake's beautiful fiber has a mahogany glow as it shows its luster. His beautiful, crimpy fiber is thick throughout his entire blanket. He is a gentle alpaca, easy to handle and gets along with all the other guys in the herd. He has been used as a herdsire for the first time in the fall of 2015. He would make an excellent addition to one's herd.

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BMMA Running Thunder (Proven Herdsire) – SOLD

Asking Price: $500.

Breeding Fee: $300.

Running Thunder March 2009

Running Thunder Fiber March 2009

DOB: 07 Oct 2006
Color: White
Sire: WA Bayfield (ARI 838463)
Dam: FO Accoyo Catalina's Magdelena (ARI 838160)
ARI: 30880917

Running Thunder is a full Peruvian with 60% Accoyo bloodlines which include PPP Peruvian Grand Master and Peruvian Timoteo. His face has the Accoyo look. He has a very fine handle due to his sire's very low micron count. His fiber has exceptional crimp, with lots of nice luster.

His fiber placed 2nd in the White "A" Category (6 months) at the IAOBA Riverside Alpaca Fest in 2008, receiving high marks in fineness, uniformity, crimp and brightness, with a minimum of guard hairs.

He also placed 3rd in the bred and owned yearling division at the Riverside Alpaca Fest in 2008.

He sheared 7.5 lbs. at his last shearing.

BMMA Tuff Stuff (Unproven Herdsire) – SOLD

Asking Price: $600.

Breeding Fee: $300.

Tuff Stuff 2009

Tuff Stuff 2017 Clip

DOB: 30 May 2009
Color: Light Brown
Sire: Allegro BMMA (ARI 1028676)
Dam: Nutmeg BMMA (ARI 1028751)
ARI: 31623315

Tuff Stuff is a new herdsire and has been bred for the first time.

Tuff Stuff's name is quite fitting. He has been macho since he was just a few weeks old. I think he was born to breed. He is broad-chested, with very thick fiber. You can just feel the density when you insert your hand into his fleece and grab a handful. His fiber has a nice crimp and it is soft to the touch. It would make into wonderful yarn.

He has been BVD tested and has been microchipped.

BMMA You Are So Special (Unproven Herdsire) – SOLD

Asking Price: $1,000.

YASS You Are So Special 2017

YASS You Are So Special 2017 Clip

DOB: 30 June 2013
Color: True Black
Sire: Allegro BMMA (ARI 1028676)
Dam: BMMA Formally Attired's Ms Debutant (ARI 31381420)
ARI: 32774894

You Are So Special aka YASS is a beautiful male with lots of crimp to his fiber. I have wanted to enter his fiber into competition, but somehow just never got around to it.

I used him a number of times for breeding this spring (2017) and am anxious to see his offspring, but that might be difficult with my herd dispersal sale.

He has been BVD tested and has been microchipped.

BMMA Zachariah (Proven Herdsire) – SOLD

Asking Price: $650.

Breeding Fee: $300.

Zachariah 2015

Zachariah 2016 Clip

DOB: 30 May 2006
Color: White
Sire: WA Bayfield (ARI 838463)
Dam: Snowflake BMMA (ARI 1003581)
ARI: 1028669

Zachariah has a wonderful, soft handle to his crimpy fleece. He gets along very well with the other males.

Zachariah is an exceptional buy with thick, crimpy fiber. His sire is a full Peruvian with 75% Accoyo. If you are looking for a herdsire, I would give thim some special consideration. His crimp is absolutely beautiful and his asking price is too good to pass up.

Zachariah sheared 7.8 lbs. of fiber at his last shearing.


Asking Price: $4,000.

Breeding Fee: $650.


Ohrighty's 2017 Clip

DOB: 7 June 2007
Color: Medium Silver Gray
Sire: My Peruvian Obsydian (ARI 838810)
Dam: MFI Peruvian Olivia (ARI 846886)
ARI: 31036351

Ohrighty is a handsome, medium silver gray with an outstanding presence and perfect conformation. Ohrighty loves to have his picture taken.

He placed first in his division at the 2009 IAOB Show.

His fiber has a fine crimp distributed evenly throughout his entire blanket. His lineage has Medium Rose Gray, Medium Silver Gray, Dark Silver Gray and True Black from parents and grandparents.

Ohrighty sheared 4.96 lb. at his last shearing.

Ohrighty's breeding fee is $650. Discounts are available for multiple breedings.

Theodore Bear BMMA (Unproven Herdsire) – SOLD

Asking Price: $500.

Theodore Bear March 2009

Theodore Bear 2017 Clip

DOB: 11 June 2007
Color: Light Brown
Sire: Artful Investment M0515 AOA (ARI 1000603)
Dam: Nutmeg BMMA (ARI 1028751)
ARI: 30880887

"Teddy" sheared 5.91 lbs. of fiber at his last shearing. His fiber is crimped and ultra soft. He is halter-trained and very easy to work with and gets along well with the other males.


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